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Posted on September 04, 2021 at 7:42 AM

Residential customers have ranked PPL Electric Utilities as one of the nation’s most trusted utility brands, according to a recent study by Escalent, a human behavior analysis and analysis company.

“Having the trust of our customers is really important to us,” said Steph Raymond, President of PPL Electric Utilities. “Despite one of the most unique and challenging years in 2020, our team has found ways to better communicate the support programs we have for customers and the work we do to provide power to safe, reliable and affordable way. “

Customer confidence in utilities has increased over the past year due to increased communications about product and service options, environmental efforts, and how utilities have partnered with customers on issues. shared priorities during the pandemic, according to Escalent.

“Starting active conversations with customers about how their utility can partner and support them through the challenges faced this year has strongly positioned utilities as trusted energy advisers and great corporate citizens.” said Chris Oberle, senior vice president of Escalent. “An elite group (of utilities) have been able to create trusted brands that provide customers with valuable offers and value-added information.”

PPL Electric Utilities has always proactively communicated its various programs that assist customers on topics such as billing assistance, energy efficiency and electricity supplier purchases, but in 2020 a particular focus has been put on programs to alleviate client stress during tough times.

Some of the programs and information communicated to clients included:

Emergency Rental Assistance Program – a federal program that helps tenants experiencing financial hardship during the COVID-19 pandemic with cash assistance for monthly rent, utility bills, fees and balances suffering.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program – a federal program that assists low income households with their home energy bills by providing grants for payment assistance.

OnTrack Payment Plan – a program that makes it easier to manage your bill with lower fixed monthly payments and debt relief for eligible customers.

Operation HELP – a fuel fund supported by donations from PPL Electric Utilities employees and customers that provides grants to help customers pay their energy bills.

Other billing assistance services such as: budget billing, payment terms and flexibility in choosing a due date.

Escalent surveyed 76,656 residential utility customers from the 140 largest U.S. utility companies. Using data from the US Census, survey participation is designed to ensure a demographically balanced sample of customers of each utility rated on the basis of age, sex, income, race, and origin. ethnic.

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