The physical changes in the layout of the keys on the MK2 vs the MK1 is much improved. I set up a very intuitive Automap layout with a total of 15 pages, but 2 basic pages that give me incredible control over the Alchemy and the ability to morph sounds with either the faders on the Zero and the touchpad on my Novation SL Mk2 keyboards.. Guitar Amp Buying Guides. It also makes navigating though menus simple, as each page is laid out side by side and edited using the buttons or knobs directly below. Also the lights on the endless rotary controls are a really nice touch and look really cool.

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The faders are longer than the faders on the keyboard versions. Does it live up to expectations?

Novation Remote Zero SL – User review – Gearslutz Pro Audio Community

Below this there are more controls for switching modes and controlling the software interface. Image 2 of 2. Accessories For Marching Band.

The nice thing about the Automap software is that each keyboard or Novation remote zero sl can be setup to control a particular software or hardware novation remote zero sl independent of the other units.

The SL ZeRO will appeal most to those who already own a controller keyboard, use one of rwmote supported applications and want to enjoy the speed and convenience of Automap technology which continues to mature nicely.


Now with the Mk2series and Automap 3 available, Novation seems to have taken their product to a new level. Image 1 of 2. Of course it could have more features, and moving faders, but that would cost more The LCD labelling is very useful, though the sliders a tad short for full-scale mixing duties.

First up, pretty much all the knobs and faders have been made touch sensitive.

Pros Software support improved. For example, the pads can be set up as velocity-sensitive MIDI notes or buttons assigned to a CC number, where the value of that number is defined by the strength the pad is hit.

It can be inclined to improve control access and visibility of the two large LCD displays. These can also double as transport buttons, using the dedicated transport button in the center of the panel.

Automap is a great concept. See All Novation Control Surfaces.

Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Select a new template, scroll through templates, send snapshots, transmit a panic command, etc.

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Guitar Effects Buying Guide. Log in Become a member. Buy it, Buy 2 or one of each model like I did: Really nice MIDI controller for the price, frees the hand from the mouse when i am working too much.

The crossfader is likely to be very popular with digital DJs and zerl simply be used as an extra fader novation remote zero sl this is not novation remote zero sl area. Post a comment 2 comments. Each pad can be calibrated any way the user desires, with sensitivity and assigned data both fully programmable.



Plug-ins and virtual instruments that would have usually taken a substantial amount of time to map were bovation displayed across the unit’s two displays. Illuminated buttons for clear feedback.

Novation remote zero sl main difference we see here is that the buttons re,ote now fully illuminated, allowing you to quickly ascertain novation remote zero sl or not a particular control is engaged. The physical changes in the layout of the keys on the MK2 vs the MK1 is much improved. To sum up, I really love this device, in fact so noation that I have hung on to the review model and it has become my controller of choice in the studio It does still have some limitations, however – see the Mapping for the future boxout for more on this.

Good value for money. The powerful control of the Remote series sans keyboard.

Physically, the unit is about the right size to fit into a 19″ rack, but it actually sits on your desk.