For most people, taking a driver’s license is a huge expense. Many people take out a loan to fix the card, but how much do you need to borrow and what type of loan fits best?

Have you decided to take a driving license? Congratulations – it’s a wise investment for the future. Swedish Enterprise states that as many as six out of ten employers require a B driver’s license when hiring.

For many, driving licenses and cars often mean a great feeling of freedom, such as the ability to quickly get to where you want without being dependent on someone or having to adapt to the train’s departure times.

However, there is only one catch besides the traffic infestation in the big cities: Taking a driver’s license costs a not insignificant amount of money and has become increasingly expensive over the years.

How much does it cost to take a driving license?

How much does it cost to take a driving license?

It is difficult to say exactly how much you expect the driver’s license to cost because it varies a lot depending on where you live and how fast you learn. For some, things go fast and do not have to cost much, others need to spend more time.

If you complete the entire training at a traffic school, the cost can be very expensive, so try to find someone in your area who can set up and practice driving and then supplement with lessons at the car school.

Car school teachers have a good track of what it takes to succeed in driving.

Keep in mind that your supervisor must have turned 24 years old and have had a driver’s license for at least 5 years in the last 10 years.

How to get lower interest rates on the loans

How to get lower interest rates on the loans

An intensive course usually costs from USD 10,000 and it is generally expected that the total cost of a driver’s license will go up to USD 20,000. Only the cost of the compulsory roller coaster ride, the risk toll, amounts to USD 2000.

For most young people, this is a lot of money and the cost is likely to go away if the education takes longer than expected.

In addition, if the money runs out before you have run up, you risk forgetting much of what you learned while saving more money.

The Social Democrats have proposed that after completing high school graduation with approved grades, it is possible to take CSN loans of up to USD 25,000 to take a B driver’s license. However, there is no government decision on loans for driver’s license education, but the proposal will be investigated in 2017.

Our alternative to driving license loans

Our alternative to driving license loans

Driving schools often offer loans in collaboration with lenders such as Amaw Kredit, but these loans often have expensive setup fees and you start paying interest on the loan directly.

You may have already spent some money on driving licenses but are not sure they are enough?

Lamaw’s loans have no hidden fees

With Lamaw you borrow up to USD 30,000. The loan acts as a credit line where you are granted a credit and then transfer money from the credit directly to your bank account.

The credit itself costs nothing. It is completely free to have and it does not cost anything to make transfers.

In addition, Lamaw does not take any request via UC. We do not charge any fees except interest on the loan, that is, no setup fees, newspaper fees or other hidden fees.

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